Relying on technology to take a step forward is always a great choice. When technology is used in agriculture Agritech is born, a modern agricultural technique that relies on numerous technological tools that can make this field more sustainable, efficient and profitable.

Technological tools mainly used in Agritech are:

  • GPS;
  • satellite imagery;
  • drones and sensors.

Through their application it’s possible to optimize agricultural production.

How? By collecting and analyzing scientific data that will help you make more informed decisions about key agricultural activities such as:

  • planting;
  • fertilization;
  • crop harvesting.

The role of satellite imagery in Agritech

Satellite images are part of the technologies used in Agritech to optimize agricultural production. They allow farmers to monitor the fields in real time, guaranteeing a better management of the crops.

Our platform provides high-definition satellite images, particularly useful in crop management activities.

Thanks to it, in fact, you can easily and quickly identify the areas that need more attention. It often happens that some areas of the fields are affected by diseases or have nutritional deficiencies Our platform allows to identify them to act quickly and solve these problems.

Latitudo 40 benefits for Agritech

Imagine having a tool that can increase the efficiency of agricultural work, increasing the crops while reducing the need for manual labor This would also result in reduced costs. That would be great, wouldn’t it?

Latitude 40 carries out many activities to support Agritech, but it mostly focuses on helping farmers to make a better use of the resources used for agriculture, like water and fertilizers.

By monitoring and analyzing our platform it’s possible to reduce wastes, making choices from an increasingly sustainable perspective.

Making agriculture sustainable has always been one of our goals. The innovative technologies integrated by our platform allow to build an ethical, scientific and data-driven approach.

Our platform makes it possible to:

  • minimize waste;
  • use sustainable agricultural practices;
  • reduce tillage;
  • reduce chemical inputs;
  • promote soil and water preservation.

Latitudo 40 betters the efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

A new integrated SATELLITE - ROVER approach to building the digital twin of the agricultural field

LA.U.R.A - LAtitudo Unmanned Rover for Agriculture

Insurance and monitoring projects in agriculture struggle to meet performance targets due a lack of comprehensive and actionable data.

(inaccurate, incomplete o inaccessible)

(unable to identify solutions)

Our LAURA system to support optimal irrigation use and precise understanding of crop problems through the integrated use or satellite imagery, artificial intelligence and field acquisition with an autonomous Rover.
Use of our satellite datasets for monitoring dams and structures whitout the use of sensors and for geomorphological monitoring of landslide movments, groundwater infiltration and evaporation phenomena.