Last week Latitudo 40 had the incredible opportunity to attend ChangeNOW 2023 in Paris, a three-day summit that brings together the greatests ideas and minds fighting for sustainability and against climate change.

During the event, hosted in the Grand Palais Éphémère, we had the opportunity to meet many different innovators and investors from across the world and Europe, all driven by the shared commitment to create a sustainable future. ChangeNOW 2023 offered a wide range of exhibits and sessions, focusing on sustainability, resilience and innovation.

Our participation in ChangeNow 2023 gave us the opportunity to show Latitudo 40’s products and technologies in front of a broad range of stakeholders, investors and other professionals, all interested in the latest innovation trends in climate risk assessment and sustainability. We connected with other participants, sharing ideas and discussing potential partnerships and collaborations.

We illustrated our AI-driven platform, capable of analyzing, monitoring and simulating vital dynamics such as ground temperature, greenery health, urban heat islands and others, thanks to the leverage of satellite images and data. We demonstrated how our algorithms can guide urban planning decisions, making cities and urban areas more livable. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, strengthening our resolve in improving our products.

We also showcased a business pitch during the event, and the response from the public reaffirmed the potential and importance of our work.

As we return from Paris, we look forward to leveraging the connections and partnerships earned from ChangeNOW 2023. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our mission to enhance life on Earth by analyzing space data.