Latitudo has just announced the start of a collaboration with Nectaware to enrich our Urban platform with a new tool to identify solar panels and carry out some specific analyzes with respect to the green energy generation potential of cities and to provide new planning support of local energy communities and small smart grids.

Nectaware is the technological company that has developed a software that uses satellite images to find all the photovoltaic panels on the territory, from the smallest to the largest systems, calculating peak power size, inclination, azimuth and irradiation up to real time (5 min ) thanks to the correlation with the satellite data of the evolution of the clouds.

The system allows various operators in the electricity market to identify their own portfolio, also spread over the territory, by providing for the generation of their plants, individually or aggregated for single nodes, for example, by monitoring generation up to almost real time.

It is estimated that allowing energy operators to improve the balance between production and consumption can significantly reduce CO2 in terms of lower peace loads equal to 52 GWh in Europe alone. The services of Latitudo and Nectaware will also contribute to substantially improve the use and diffusion of renewable energies and energy communities.

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