GeoGreen: Geospatial technologies for green transition

The project was born from the need for a tool that allows you to identify and classify the physical areas surrounding highways through geospatial assets, optimizing the evaluation process for sustainable interventions. There are two objectives for Movyon – Autostrade per l’Italia Group:

  1. The search for a tool that can identify and classify the best areas in which to install photovoltaic systems.
  2. The mapping and monitoring over time of greenery on the physical areas surrounding the road surface managed by Autostrade, with detailed assessments supported by measurements such as CO2 absorption.

The enabling of the two use cases can enrich each other by facilitating the evaluation of the trade off between the areas from which it is possible to remove greenery (and therefore insert photovoltaic systems) and the areas in which it is instead possible to carry out reforestation by making accurate assessments supported by measurements such as CO2 absorption. This information allows us to pursue objectives in line with Movyon’s sustainability report.

During the kick off phase, the PoC outputs were defined:

  1. Carbon Scenario – the CO2 absorption data in relation to greenery, viewable via an interactive dashboard.
  2. PV Scenario – CSV data that validates or not the specific area (or part of it) for a possible installation of photovoltaic panels.

The objective of the use case is to calculate the level of carbon sequestration, in terms of tonnes of CO2 absorbed, in the areas owned by Autistrade, aligning the activities with the company’s sustainability strategy and providing useful information for the valorisation of carbon credits.The CO2 seized was calculated for each of these areas (around 300) and the results were inserted into a file containing the information that allows us to trace the area.

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