Technology offers us many opportunities and, when combined with more traditional fields, something extremely innovative comes out of it.

Such is the case with Insurtech: the evolution of the insurance industry after meeting the use of technology.

New products, new services, new business models: all to create more efficient, safe and convenient insurance experiences for customers.

To simplify the insurance process, from subscription and risk assessment to claims processing and payments, Insurtech companies use data analytics, digital platforms and mobile technologies.

The goal is to bring improvements, through these tools, in efficiency and profitability for insurance companies, allowing them to provide consumers with more personalized options.

We see Insurtech as an extremely useful field to transform the insurance industry to:

  • make the insurance industry more accessible and affordable for consumers;
  • reduce costs;
  • improve the overall customer experience.

Mitigation Solutions and Simulation of Impacts

Latitudo 40: satellite technologies as a support for Insurtech

To grow and improve, Insurtech needs all the best technologies and they includes satellite technologies.

Latitudo 40 can provide insurers with high-resolution satellite imagery and data analysis algorithm, to:

  • assess and manage risks;
  • provide valuable information about the physical characteristics of a property (like its location, size and condition);
  • help insurers make more informed subscription decisions

Specifically, Latitudo 40 makes it possible to carry out the following activities.

Risk Assessment

Natural disasters are always a very important assessment element in the insurance industry.

Our algorithms provide real-time data and predictive analyses to assess the risk of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires.

Claims Processing

Having accurate, precise and timely information about the location and the extent of a damage caused by natural disasters is critical for insurers. With our algorithms this data can be objectively sourced to process claims more efficiently.

Fraud Detection

The insurance industry is characterized by numerous fraud attempts Our algorithms work by detecting and preventing possible fraud cases by analyzing an independent and objective data source to support insurers’ investigations.

Transform insurance industry with Latitudo 40

More informed decisions, improved efficiency and increased profitability. Our technologies make it possible to transform the insurance industry and, at the same time, gain numerous benefits.

Latitudo 40 is the tool that can contribute to this transformation in the insurance industry by allowing to create insurance products, services and models that are more efficient, informed and, most importantly, data driven.