A universe of possibilities. Such as those that our platform offers to you, by integrating its functionality with other applications, to provide a much broader view.

By integrating our platform with other applications, you can have deeper and more specific analyses to better understand the global problems that afflict our planet, so that you can solve them by adopting smart, sustainable and conscious solutions.

Specifically, you can dig deep into issues such as:

  • climate change and its impact on the Earth;
  • human management of natural resources.

By collecting extremely specific, accurate, real-time data, it will be easier to make the world a better place. This data allows us to have timely and accurate information that cannot be gathered from other sources.

It is possible to integrate Latitudo 40 features with other platforms through various methods:

  • API (Application Programming Interface) integration, which uses a set of rules and specifications to allow communication between Latitudo 40 and the end user.
  • WMS (Web Map Service) integration, which allows you to display, within external applications and systems, the data collected and made available by Latitudo 40.
  • WFS (Web Feature Service) integration, which allows you to access geographic data collected by Latitudo 40, using it to create maps and make geographic analyses with the help of other platforms.

Only through technology we can plan actions to protect our planet. By integrating our services with other platforms we make Latitudo even more complete.

Our algorithm contribution

By applying our artificial intelligence algorithms and the best techniques of geospatial analysis to satellite imagery and data acquired from multiple sources, we produce information layers that are intended to make an essential contribution to:

  • analyze the impacts that climate change is having on cities, from 2016
  • plan in an informed, conscious and sustainable way the actions to be taken on the ground to fight and reduce these effects.

Integration with other information systems, already in use by our clients, has made access to our information layers extremely easy.

We provide a set of APIs to:

  • request the production of contractualized information layers;
  • know the status of the elaboration process on an ongoing basis;
  • get direct links to resources, provided as standard services of the Open Geospatial Consortium (e.g., WMS or WFS).

This allows you to manage, in a standard and optimal way, the visualization of our information layers even in your own application or GIS system.

Another advantage of our platform is that we are premium members of the FIWARE Foundation. This allows us to make our information layers available using the Context Broker and, by subscribing to features, to constantly receive periodic updates.