CRIF, a global company specializing in credit and business information systems, just decided to invest in Latitudo 40 as part of the first edition of “I-Tech Innovation 2021”, the call launched together with the Golinelli Foundation.

CRIF is providing services to over 10500 financial institutions, 1000 insurance companies, 82000 corporate clients and 1000000 consumers worldwide. ISP (Account Information Service Provider) in 31 European countries, CRIF is included in the international Fintech 100 ranking and its solutions have been accredited by the most prestigious independent research companies.

Carlo Gherardi, CEO at CRIF, declares: “Financial institutions, as well as insurance companies, utilities or large corporations increasingly feel the need to expand their offer of innovative products and services and for this reason they pay great attention to the opportunities offered by the new ecosystems that are based on collaboration with third parties. parts to create value for the end customer”.

For Latitudo 40 this is the further attestation of the work done so far: thanks to the validation and support of companies such as CRIF it will be possible to aim for even more challenging objectives. The funds are also added to the recent #grant received by the Campania Region to create a new platform for actionable insights for agriculture.