Expert DOJO is the most active international early-stage startup investor in Southern California.

Since 2018, they have invested in over 100 startups to accelerate their growth. What makes them special is their focus on building visionary companies. They believe that if you can visualize your unicorn in specificity, you have a higher probability of achieving its full potential. That’s where Expert DOJO comes in.

They typically invest in pre-seed and seed stage startups that have a product, a go to market strategy and a potential for high growth. And now they decided to invest in Latitudo 40, an Italian company based in Naples that offers a platform for decision making based on the detection of satellite data and AI / ML algorithms.

Latitudo 40’s data analytics platform is based on satellite images and artificial intelligence, providing understandable data that lead to decisions that are economically sound and sustainable.

Thanks to a flexible, zero-code approach, Latitudo 40 offers a new way to create, deploy and scale geospatial applications, improving life on our planet and helping to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

It is the first investment Expert DOJO makes in Italy.

This is another proof of the strength of Latitudo 40’s strategic approach and the pursuit of innovation at all costs.

Expert DOJO – says Brian Mac Mahon, CEO and founder- are so pleased to have invested in Latitudo 40.  This company is redefining the definition of the perfect city for the first time through deep data analysis. The future of the clean city has never looked so bright”.

 “ExpertDojo is a great opportunity for us to complete our growth path and get to know the American market better – says Gaetano Volpe, CEO at Latitudo 40 – The investment will be totally dedicated to the development of our new product TheCityScore, a new platform that will be able to analyse, with the use of satellite data, the quality of life in the main cities of the world and offer new tools for transparency in the relationship between public administration and citizens. TheCityScore will be operational by the fourth quarter of the year, starting in Europe and then extending to American cities.”

With all this information at your fingertips, it will then be possible to make better and real-time decisions to support activities and have a positive impact in the workflows of companies and people. From infrastructure monitoring to precision agriculture, from urban planning to emergency response, Latitudo 40 has created the simplest and fastest platform to transform satellite imagery into geospatial information to support day-to-day decisions.