An automation paradigm to make earth observation images accesible to everyone

Latitudo 40 has created the easiest and fastest platform to turn satellite imagery into geospatial information to support everyday decisions: EarthAlytics.

More than 300 Earth observation satellites produce a huge number of images that contain valuable information to meet the challenges of global sustainability.

Analyzing geospatial data requires high skilled analysts, that’s why it was usually limited to large corporates and governments.

Earth Observation is evolving from collecting and selling images to providing intelligence derived from these images.

Latitudo 40 aims to offer a solution that will remove barriers to access information contained in images, with the aim of making earth observation analytics applicable in all business processes and in all companies.

Our model allows everyone to simply and cost- effectively create “smart sensorless places” and monitor areas even with a very wide geographic extension.

That’s why we created EarthAlytics.

EarthAlytics is an innovative information factory that uses images from eEarth observation satellites to create a, theoretically, endless number of geoinformation applications based on space analysis, without the need of knowledge in the specific field of earth observation and remote sensing.

EarthAlytics has ready-to-use connectors to search for and use images from the leading suppliers on the market. A single point of access to millions of images representing what happens on our planet.

With a presence of a constantly growing catalogue of “reusable blocks” that make the process of analysis and elaboration simple and fast, everyone will performs specific operations (e.g. the classification of buildings or the detection of roads). The user can combine images and analysis blocks through an easy to use web dashboard. At the end of the application construction, users can run workflows by simply selecting their area of interest on a map.

The infrastructure behind EarthAlytics scales-up on demand to fetch the data, run the processing algorithms and deliver results. In this way, anybody can derive insights from commercial and open geospatial data, at both small and large scale.

The simplicity of our platform and the use of applications and algorithms “as a service” allows each company to integrate important information from satellite data within their business, without the need to write code or invest in servers and specific skills.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning Latitudo 40 can find complex correlations that are difficult to identify with traditional tools.

For the first time in one platform all the features to automatically search, process and elaborate the images produced by earth observation satellites and transform them into information to simplify business processes with powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Each process is structured in a single atomic block, the EarthAlytics brick.

The combination of the different blocks offers the possibility to create an almost endless number of applications.

Applying these techniques to satellite imagery and geospatial data sets allows us to offer powerful decision support tools, using multitemporal or spatial analysis dashboards or building custom applications through our APIs.

Our CEO, Gaetano Volpe, shares:

“The idea of Latitudo40 comes from the awareness that extracting information from satellite images is a complex process that usually requires a dedicated team of professionals/ organization, which only large companies can afford. We want to bring earth analytics within the reach of everyone, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. This vision has turned into our startup, which is launching an end-to-end Cloud platform that can build and manage an application that performs geospatial analytics in four steps and integrates the results into any application, be it SAP or GIS”

At Latitudo40 we believe in the power of AI:

“AI represents one of the main innovations in the field of geospatial applications, in particular for those that use EO data, to offer a support to a deeper knowledge of the environments in which we operate and process large amounts of data.”

Whether it is estimating the evolution of an urban environment over time, the stability of a power line tower, or identifying leaks in a water pipe, with Latitudo 40 the output information can be viewed on a user friendly dashboard or integrated with APIs into existing business applications.

Now we’re looking forward to face new big challenges from smart agriculture to urban planning.