Platform Overview

Using cutting-edge technologies to transform the way we understand, treat and manage our planet: that’s why we created Latitudo 40 dedicated platform.

Thanks to the use of modern systems such as machine learning and deep learning, our platform extracts precious data from satellite imagery. These extracted data can be used to:

  • Monitor the progresses on environmental sustainability and ESG policies;
  • Plan to achieve carbon neutrality;
  • Plan urban development projects.

Our platform is designed to support decision makers, guiding them toward informed and conscious choices that aim to change our planet for the better, making it healthier and more sustainable.

Flexibility and zero-code approach: that’s how we help you achieve your sustainable development goals

The best way we know to improve life on our planet is to simplify the creation, implementation and scalability of geospatial applications. Our platform adopts a flexible, zero-code approach, to guarantee fast access to the most useful information to achieve the desired sustainable development goals.

Latitude 40 allows you to run tasks automatically, building a back-end connection with our partners’ planning systems to have continuous and guaranteed monitoring across multiple satellites.

Access to the best satellite imagery allows to cut in detail any needed section, including the ones for specific analyses.

Thanks to the algorithms integrated by our platform you can:

  • Detect objects on the earth’s surface;
  • Land use;
  • Change in urbanization;
  • Measure the amount of carbon taken from urban green spaces;
  • Manage inventory and urban assets;
  • Analyze building density;
  • Analyze phenomena with multi-temporal logic;
  • Assess environmental risks and hazards, and much more.