Naples, September 2021

Latitudo 40, (, an Italian company based in Naples that offers a platform for decision making based on the detection of satellite data and AI / ML algorithms, has been nominated by European Space Agency (ESA) in the shortlist of Top 6 downstream startups for Global Space Markets Challenge.

The Global Space Markets Challenge is intended to be a springboard into international markets for small promising space-based companies in Europe and Canada.

The Challenge’s objective is to select, amongst all applicants, the six Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) in the space sector (3 in the upstream and 3 in the downstream area) which submit the most promising and convincing internationalisation plans for their products and/or services.

In the context of the increasingly important role played by SMEs, in particular in the European space sector, ESA is striving to encourage and support the growth of these companies so that they have increased chances to have access to finance, information, and contacts, and, more generally, to promote their capabilities and know-how, in Europe and abroad.

With the ESA Global Space Markets Challenge, SMEs now have a novel opportunity to present their plans to introduce their space products and/or services to identified target markets and, for the winners, to benefit from awards and support that help them reach these markets.

The result achieved is a combination of the technological quality of the proposed solution and the ability to rapidly scale the business model in the international market.

We are very proud of this achievement, which rewards our efforts to create a product that is both technologically advanced and easy to use for non-space users, – says Gaetano Volpe, CEO at Latitudo 40 – We firmly believe that making information on environmental quality and urban hazards, derived from satellite imagery, accessible in SaaS mode will contribute to improving the sustainability and resilience of urban environments and start a path towards reducing the environmental impact of human activities. After having validated the product in the Italian and European markets, our next step is to start marketing it in the US market, also thanks to the acceleration programme we are following with Expert Dojo in California.

Each applicant has been invited to deliver a five-minute pitch on their internationalisation plans and present the products or services which they propose to introduce to identified target markets. This will take place online on 28 September in front of ESA delegates during the Agency’s Industrial Policy Evolution Working Group meeting.

From infrastructure monitoring to precision agriculture, from urban planning to emergency response, Latitudo 40 has created the simplest and fastest platform to transform satellite imagery into geospatial information to support day-to-day decisions: these will be some of the key facts of the company’s pitch in front of ESA delegates. And in particular, the company aims at supporting municipalities in the implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.

Smart Cities – concludes Gaetano Volpe – address ESG goals in managing physical assets, community services and resources, public transportation and traffic management, optimized energy consumption, water supply, waste management, and public safety. Cities can manage and optimize energy consumption through intelligent electricity meters, dynamic electricity prices, automatic street lighting, and instruments for observing and changing human behavior in response to external risks. By adopting ESG, cities can create opportunities and investments to tackle sustainability, improve the quality of life, and pursue smart growth at the same time.



About Latitudo 40

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, Latitudo 40 is able to find complex correlations that are difficult to identify with traditional tools. The application of these techniques to satellite images and geospatial datasets allows the company to offer powerful decision support tools, using multitemporal or spatial analysis dashboards or creating custom applications through APIs.

Whether you are estimating the value of a property in a city, verifying the stability of a power line tower or analyzing the yield of a crop, Latitudo 40 helps simplify development, streamline processes and focus attention on the value of the customer and project success, reducing initial investment and development time. We offer the only data analysis technology that starts from the past to understand the present and identify trends for the future.




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