We are excited to announce the latest episode of the AWS podcast, Conversations with Leaders. In this episode, our CEO, Gaetano Volpe, discusses Latitudo 40’s groundbreaking work in satellite imagery technology and generative AI. This insightful conversation highlights how our innovative solutions are transforming space data usage to address global challenges like climate change, urban planning, and sustainable development.

At Latitudo 40, we specialize in leveraging high-resolution satellite imagery and advanced AI algorithms to provide cities with actionable insights. Our platform, powered by AWS Cloud, enables urban planners and decision-makers to create greener, more resilient urban environments. By analyzing vast amounts of satellite data, we can monitor changes in real-time, predict future trends, and offer data-driven solutions to improve urban sustainability.

During the podcast, Gaetano Volpe highlighted how our technology is helping cities around the world achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our tools are essential for:

Climate Change Mitigation: By tracking and analyzing environmental changes, we help cities implement effective climate action plans.
Urban Planning: Our data-driven insights support the development of efficient and sustainable urban infrastructures.
Sustainable Development: We provide actionable data that helps cities make informed decisions to promote sustainability and resilience.

We invite you to tune in to this insightful episode of Conversations with Leaders to learn more about how Latitudo 40 is leveraging satellite imagery and generative AI to drive global change. Discover the innovative ways we are using space data to support urban sustainability and hear firsthand from our CEO about the future of this exciting technology.

Listen to the podcast here: AWS Conversations with Leaders