Latitudo 40 to showcase at Ecomondo – KeyEnergy an Urban Data Analytics platform to make sustainable / ESG decisions and improve people’s quality of life

Milan – Napoles, October 2021

Finding a solution to improve the sustainability of cities is no longer a postponable option, which is why the team of Latitudo 40 (, a Neapolitan company that offers a platform for decision making based on detection of satellite data and AI / ML algorithms, is working on analysis and prediction models for new urban monitoring systems that exploit satellite images and artificial intelligence together with Machine Learning.

To tell this new and frontier approach to the theme of “sustainable decisions”, Latitudo 40 will be present at the next Ecomondo – KeyEnergy fair, together with the SmartCommunitiesTech Cluster of the Torino Wireless Foundation, within the special Sustainable City area, dedicated to solutions and technologies for the smart and sustainable city. “To create smart, sustainable and inclusive cities – explains Gaetano Volpe, CEO of Latitudo 40 – it is necessary to have historical data and continuous monitoring available. Through easy access to satellite image processing and with the use of analysis and classification algorithms, developed in our R&D laboratories, we are able to provide direct information to improve citizens’ lives, looking at cities from space “.

Today the world population is about 7.4 billion people, almost half – 3.6 billion – live in cities, even if 10 years ago the share of the urban population was only about 35%. At such a high urbanization rate, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage services for citizens. And not only. 90% of urban areas are extremely vulnerable to pollution, floods and heat bombs: these phenomena, increasingly widespread, will cause an annual cost of 1 trillion dollars in 2050.

Latitudo 40 proposes an Urban Data Analytics platform that allows you to make the best decisions in terms of the ESG paradigm (environmental, social and governance) and improve people’s quality of life.

Every day – adds Volpe – we put our passion into creating new tools that allow people to monitor any place on our planet, with the simple skills and knowledge needed to read an email or publish your photos on social networks”.

With all this information at your fingertips, it will then be possible to make better and real-time decisions to support activities and have a positive impact on the workflows of companies and people. From infrastructure monitoring to precision agriculture, from urban planning to emergency response, Latitudo 40 has created the simplest and fastest platform to transform satellite images into geospatial information to support daily decisions and reduce the impact of Climate Change.


Latitudo 40

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, Latitudo 40 is able to find complex correlations that are difficult to identify with traditional tools. Applying these techniques to satellite imagery and geospatial datasets allows the company to offer powerful decision support tools, using multitemporal or spatial analysis dashboards or creating custom applications via API.

Whether you are estimating the value of a property in a city, verifying the incidence of heat islands or pollution (in order to make decisions in ESG-sustainability terms) or analyzing the yield of a crop, Latitudo 40 helps to simplify the development, streamline processes and focus attention on customer value and project success, reducing initial investment and development times. We offer the only data analytics technology that builds on the past to understand the present and identify trends for the future.

Recently, American investors at Expert Dojo have believed in Latitudo and its business and technology development model.

Latitudo 40 was indicated by ESA as one of the top 6 startups in the downstream sector EO.

Latitudo has recently received the AIFI Venture UP award.

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