Smart City

Latitudo 40 the tool to overcome future urban monitoring

Urban planning activities require advanced, technological and modern tools to obtain innovative and sustainable results to lead cities to rapidly evolve into smart cities.

Latitudo 40 has this vision: through a “no-sensors” approach, exclusively based on data analysis, acquired from satellite imagery, our platform provides concrete support, on a scientific basis, for urban planning.

Here’s what you can do thanks to Latitudo 40:

  • Monitor the entire urban area by identifying areas most exposed to environmental risks;
  • Identify areas that need priority action, based on population concentration or specific economic activities, with a numerical index;
  • Plan mitigation actions and monitor KPIs over time, including for those interventions that have already been made;
  • Simulate future results of urban planning actions.

The goal is to make fair, intelligent and sustainable decisions to develop urban planning as best as possible.

All the data you need to create positive social and environmental change

Activities you can optimize with Latitudo 40

Do you want to better understand how to design public spaces and manage their growth? Thanks to Latitudo 40 you can keep your urban development projects under control, by monitoring their progress.

Specifically, with Latitudo 40 you can get support in the following activities to improve urban environments.

  • Data-based decision making: in Latitudo 40, data makes a difference and dictate every decision you make for the development and management of urban areas. High-resolution satellite imagery and data analysis algorithms, developed by our platform, offer urban designers a true guide for decision-making processes.
  • Better resource management: Thanks to Latitudo 40 algorithms you can analyze the data on the use of resources such as energy, water and waste management, to better coordinate activities related to their use.
  • Environmental monitoring: Reducing pollution and protecting public health is one of our main goals and our algorithms are set to monitor environmental conditions such as air and water quality. This way you’ll act for the good of the environment and citizens.


Use cases in urban monitoring