The project aims to facilitate the Public Administration in the management of green areas, support political and institutional decision-makers in data analysis, exploiting high-value datasets: geospatial, earth observation and environment, meteorological, statistical, etc.
The intent is to provide an innovative solution based on the integration and customized analysis of huge collections of open data, including Earth observation data, combining different technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud storage and cloud computing, providing customizable dashboards to monitor and predict land changes.


  • Cross-border Services: Pilot various cross-border services in the management of green areas and the evaluation of the impact in the social and economic sphere;
  • Earth Observation: Services on the combination of open Earth Observation data with open datasets provided by cities and other sources (especially HVD) and in particular the European Data Portal;
  • Standard APIs: Make produced datasets available through open standard API specifications for access by third parties, compliant with open data for re-use and making available through the European Data Portal and national open data portals.
  • Data Semantic Harmonization:Reuse specific data platforms with Semantic Data Harmonization capabilities to ensure data set harmonization across different use case services.

The images below show the cycle paths of the city of Milan

The objective is to generate data on the quantity (absolute and relative) and quality of green areas (land cover/use classification):

  • Open data to map the distribution of public areas;
  • Satellite open data to detect green areas (private and public).

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