Super Resolution

Ultra-high resolution images for deeper analyses that lead to more informed decisions.

We at Latitudo 40 are always searching for technologies that can change the world for the better. Super Resolution is one of them.

We are talking about an artificial intelligence algorithm implemented in our platform, that increases the level of detail in satellite images by 10 times.

By applying it to the images acquired by Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellites it is possible to raise the spatial resolution of the pixels of the images from 10m to 1m.

Specifically, our super resolution algorithm allows the monitoring of the territory by generating ultra-high resolution images when, for a specific territory, it’s not possible to rely on ultra-high resolution data produced by commercial constellations due to:

  • A level of detail that’s too high level;
  • A poor availability of archival data;
  • A low update frequency;
  • Significant costs.

Thanks to the huge levels of detail it’s possible to put at the service of land monitoring applications:

  • the huge archive of the Sentinel 2 constellation (available since 2016);
  • the global coverage of their satellites;
  • a weekly update frequency;

For example, it’s possible to analyze with extreme accuracy:

  • changes occurring in land use;
  • the evolutions of major infrastructure sites;
  • parks;
  • urban greenery.

All this will allow you to assess their evolutions over time so that you can make valid, sustainable, and informed decisions to protect the planet while hugely containing costs.

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