Use Cases


Remote Sensing tools for Urban Heat Island Assessment and Climate Change Adaptation


It is one of the most important European Earth Observation satellite space programs – it will be created in Italy on the initiative of the Government thanks to the resources of the PNRR and will be completed by 2026 under the management of the ESA – European Space Agency – and with the support of ‘Italian Space Agency (ASI).

Latitudo 40 Urban Simulator

De-paving scenarios in Neera Street, Milan

GeoGreen: Geospatial technologies for green transition

The goal of the use case is to calculate the level of carbon sequestration, in terms of tons of CO2 absorbed, in the areas owned by Autostrade, aligning the activities with the company’s sustainability strategy and providing useful information for the valorisation of carbon credits.


Leveraging Cloud-Based Geospatial Data to Enhance Public Services


Deloitte Canada needs a simple, cost-effective solution for automatically estimating businesses from a small parking lot to a large city or town every day. Access to such georeferenced data, however, is very expensive both economically and temporally.


Geospatial Technologies for Building Detecting

Coastline monitoring

The coast and river monitoring service was provided using the automatic workflow of the Latitudo 40 proprietary platform.


An Open framework for boosting EU High ValueDatasets from Public Sector